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This article depicts what the best ways are to treat and prevent the adolescent age group from recommitting crimes. It also studies what age groups are more susceptible to committing crimes and viewing who is most at risk for committing self-destructive crimes as well.

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The article I read is written about a great journalist from Alabama named Wayne Greenhaw . He intrigues people with his journalism because he interviews and brings in people who had firsthand accounts on whatever the topic may be that he is journalizing. In this review he journalizes about some firsthand experiences with attorneys, lawyers, civil rights activists, Klansman, and governors. This issue and social problem at hand is breaking the power of the Ku Klux Klan in society and coming closer to the goal of racial justice and equality.

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Olivia Miller Sociology 100 September 12, 2013 Professor Kaldor

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In the article “15 Shots Killed Shelby Allen” written by Andrea Todd an issue is presented towards the teenage population and their binge drinking. In this article a seventeen year old Shelby Allen went to a friend’s house at the beginning of Christmas vacation set out to accomplish a goal. You may ask what her goal was. Shelby Allen’s goal that night was to drink fifteen shots of vodka and still be standing. She went to a friend’s house where her friend’s parents were “supervising” and began to drink. In a matter of an hour Shelby had conquered her goal.

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