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What do you think of when you hear “cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and gastrointestinal issues”? If your immediate thought is not anorexia nervosa you are not alone. This disorder is much more serious than most people know and a lack of education on this topic is affecting thousands of people every day.

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I did some research on technology and kids, and the amount of time spent outside. According to the article Children’s Time Outdoors, by L. Larson and others (2011), states that kids today are spending a lot less time outdoors. The main cause of this is the rise of technology. A study was done and about 57% of parents claim that the reason their children don’t go outside is because they are using some type of electronic, such as video games, watching TV, or listening to music (Larson 2011).

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Do kids enjoy playing a sport and more successful when their parents are controlling and get too involved or when parents are supportive and provide positive feedback?

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College Presidents are pushing for lowering the drinking age to 18. Is it a good idea or a terrible idea?

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As college students we are all affected by the cost of tuition and student loans. Why is this so costly and where does our money come from and go to?

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Athletes have been using steroids to enhance their performance in sports for a long time and should be punished for it. Some people think that using steroids is not considered cheating but others are disgusted that some athletes would go to such measures as cheating in baseball. The players union has toughened the drug testing to try and cut down on steroid use.

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In an article I’ve read recently written by three Chicago tribune journalist, called “Police: off-duty officer fatally shoots robbery suspect at Walgreens”, the authors describe how an off-duty police killed a 56 years old robbery suspect in a store.

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