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One of the planet’s largest ecosystems is brewing in controversy: is manmade pollution impacting the oceans?  Recent studies have shown that marine degradation is rapidly accelerating with thousands of tons of waste such as sewage, oil, chemicals, and mostly plastic, entering the oceans every day creating trash vortexes. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest of all and spans from Japan to the West Coast of the United States.

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Throughout the article from Vocativ, a lot of controversy and speculation is drawn towards the implications of forest management throughout many parts of the globe dealing with deforestation. Primarily, the main concern focuses on how local deforestation applications can impact other regions associated with global warming. The whole premise and concept revolves around a case study where a shift in the Pacific’s tropical waters can suddenly make it rain less in Seattle and more in Los Angeles. Evidence suggests that deforestation can have the same effects on distant ecosystems.

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The article from the Guardian draws attention to the challenges of forest management within the Amazon in relation to climate change. Indigenous land rights are essential to push efforts of reducing deforestation. Climate change is linked to deforestation. The countries of South America that cross borders with the Amazon forest have claimed to eliminate deforestation rates. Countries including Peru, Brazil or Bolivia are committed to the Paris Accord and plan to take action in time for COP 20 targets.

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         People donate money to different medical foundations in hopes to raise awareness and further research. Many people do this to help ill patients, in memory of someone who they have known that passed from the sickness or to do what they think is a kind act of good heartedness. In recent years, some foundations have been found to be fraudulent. This means that they are advertising for people to donate money to their fictional foundation. Then when donations are made, the money is not going to a foundation but into the con artists’ pockets. Rebecca R.

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     Why is it that girls are most often considered and encouraged to be like flower petals—beautiful and artsy—instead of stems where complexity and science is a beauty of its own? Why is there a low ratio of girls to guys in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields?

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       Imagine the idea of population growth so large; we reach a carry capacity we cannot keep up with primarily because of depleting resources at an alarming rate to keep up with global demand. This article underlines the fact that mining companies are dealing with low amounts of resource availability and entering new development sites, which has serious drawbacks.  

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