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  Should media promote a “healthier” body image?    

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The Lev Tahor community is an orthodox Jewish cult that has settle in Quebec a generation ago and that lives closed from outside society. Some of their common practices and beliefs teaches their women not to ever take off their socks, home school their children and marry only inside the community. Lately, after concerns from the neighbors and several visits from child services, the Lev Tahor made editorial headlines several times this year for reports of psychological and physical abuse, health and hygiene problems, violence against children and education that is substandard for Canada.

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Since 1993, many different societies have attempted to reintroduce assisted suicide into our consciousness .In June 2012, The Supreme Court of Canada finally agrees to hear an appeal that briefly overturned the ban on assisted suicide( Dyck,1).The Supreme Court has agreed to review the country’s assisted suicide laws more than two decades after it rejected doctor-assisted dying for people who are terminally ill in 1993( Dyck,1).Gloria Taylor, a woman suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease was requesting permission for a doctor to end her life before she became incapacitated (Dyck,2).Taylor won

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