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Sex and gender are often thought as two categories that are dependent of each other. In all reality though, sex and gender can have two sperately different answers that don't relate. In the article " BEARDS AND BODIES Doing Sex in a Gendered World" by Raine Dozier, he quotes from Lorber saying "Talking about gender for most people is equivelent of fish talking about water" meaning that gender is not a topic most people talk about. Today's society has brought about new relationships, allowing people to speak and feel free about their gender identity.

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While the wage gap is a widely controversial topic, it does indeed exist. However, what most people do not realize is that this wage gap might be in place for a good reason. The United States percentage as a whole says that on average women get around 80% of the pay that men receive annually. That means if a man is making $100,000 annually, that on average depending on the state, a woman would make around $80,000 doing the exact same job with the exact same qualifications.

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In 2002, BMW released its controversial “Ultimate Attraction” ad campaign and received backlash for its gender stereotyping and objectification of the female body. The ad features a couple engaging in sexual intercourse, the man on top and the woman on the bottom. The woman’s face is covered with a magazine showing a red BMW car and a caption saying “The ultimate attraction”. The man is longingly gazing at the picture of the car while her arms are laced around his neck, showing she is still engaged in the sexual act being exhibited.

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