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Not many of today’s generation will have witnessed the collapse of the cod fishery in the North Atlantic. A case where heavy over fishing lead to the collapse of an entire industry, the most affected of which being Newfoundland and the Atlantic Canada. The article, ‘Remembering the mighty cod fishery,’ was taken from CBC News, written by two reporters and discusses what happened at the time of collapse, policies implemented at the time and the actors involved.

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We are no strangers to the word deforestation, in fact it’s a word that we have heard many times over, especially in most recent decades. Despite deforestation being a hot button issue, many governments and states are criticized for not taking sufficient action or implementing management strategies. A reason why the state is so heavily criticized is because of the statistic surrounding deforestation, for example it is estimated that should deforestation continue at current rates that half of the world’s rainforests will be wiped out within the next 100 years.

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