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The Breakfast Club is possibly one of the most well-known movies of the 80s. Although a classic, The Breakfast Club we all know and love has not changed lives like the one Canada has come to appreciate. The Breakfast Club of Canada is a non-profit organization committed to providing a free nutritious breakfast to all of the young growing minds across Canada. The organization was founded in 1994 by Daniel Germain. Germain’s main objective was to “change the world for children.” He believed he could attain this goal by breaking the cycle of poverty that plagues so many children.

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MADD is a registered Canadian Charitable Organization that has as its main goal to stop impaired driving and to provide support for those that are victims of this crime. They believe that impaired driving isn’t an accident, but rather a conscious decision to drive under the influence. Through public awareness, laws, legislation, serious enforcements and repercussions, they are convinced that impaired driving can be stopped.

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A group of more than 4 500 retired players of the National Football League (NFL) are blaming the league for the multiple head injuries that they have suffered during their careers. After many discussions, both sides have come to an understanding. The settlement states that the NFL has to pay 765 million dollars to the players or families of the players over the next 65 years. Each player will receive a certain amount of money based on their age and diagnosis.

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It seems like the United States military isn't as pristine as it used to be. Are you actually safe in this country?

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