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This article presents many theories as to why men are so violent. The author argues that men are expected to act in violent behaviors because they are pressured by social media, and most importantly other men. If some men exercise “softer” masculinities, they can be discriminated, punished and even socially excluded. Hegemonic masculinity proves that in a patriarchal society, men don’t only practice violence on women, but also on [weaker] men.

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              In this article, “Moncton Food Truck Owner Says he Faces             Daily Racism” by Alexandra Abdelwahab, published on August 7th, 2015 on Global News about a man who operates his own food truck in Moncton New Brunswick. In this article she depicts the fact that Michael Uberall (Owner), faces racism because he is born in Germany and displays his countries name on his food truck. It has gone far enough as people calling him a Nazi simply because he was born in Germany; however he has lived in Moncton for a while now.

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            Eternity E. Martis wrote the article titled “What It’s Like to See Blackface on Halloween as a Women of Color” published on October 27th, 2014 on the Huffington Post.  This article discusses a personal story that Martis experienced on Halloween of 2012 when she was attending a university Halloween party at a trendy bar.  The author explains that she went to the party with two of her close friends, who like herself, are of color.

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                  In the article “Why Culture, Not Race, Determines Taste in music” written by Winfried Ludemann and published September 3, 2015, the author explains how the culture of an individual is what ultimately determines his or her taste in music. The author starts off by discussing the anthropological meaning of the word race and how it cannot be used to explain different tastes in music. His main argument is that there is only one race when it comes to Homo sapiens; the human race. The article is then divided into two main parts:

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