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Patcher, Bernstein, Szalacha and Coll’s (2010) study investigated at which frequency children see or are in presence of racism. The hypothesis of this study was that racism could have negative impacts on the health and development of a child, but also on his emotional and psychological reactions.

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From slavery to economic inequality in contemporary society, African Americans have a history of being marginalized. In an article by William Wilson, the important relationship between race (African Americans) and income segregation (joblessness) is analyzed in a thought provoking way.

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Everyone knows that racism, still today, impacts many people's life and can change who they are forever. In the article "Daily Tournament of Racism in the Classroom", the author, Divya Talwar, reveals the horrible story of the 14-year-old little girl named Khadeja Fahat. She has been bullied by other students only because she wore a headscarf and looked different. After Khadeja's story, it reminded me of a concept we discussed in my Race and Racism class, which is stereotypes.

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An NFL quarterback gets very upset when seeing all of the police brutality, police shootings and racism going on throughout the country. He feels the need to take it to the next level and make a stand realizing he has freedom of speech. After tweeting and attempting to share his beliefs he later makes a mark on America that will make us think twice about somethings.

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During the last two weeks of class, I learned that human beings should not be classified into "race" since it is not biological, meaning that it is society that decides whether races exist or not. However we discusses in clss and wondered why people always want to know where other people with different origins come from. For example, I have a Black friend that was born in Africa, nut now lves here in Québec. when we are togetherhe often gets asked where he is from and people always skip me due to my skin color which they assume I come from Canada since I am white.

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