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Feminists have struggled for many years to equalize gender in many different aspects. Gender issues are socially constructed and it is about the reality of women’s lives and the contexts in which women live. Meaning, the criminal justice system has to work harder to equalize their policy with gender differences, since current laws are based on male characteristics and male crime and fail to take into account the reality of women’s characteristics, responsibilities, and roles in crime.

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Award winner of Cannes Festival 2010, yet banned from public posters by the Advertising Standards Authority, Diesel’s controversial “Be Stupid” campaign focuses on pushing the boundaries of socially constructed ideals by creating a thought-provoking advertisement in an attempt to depict "a very strong and unexpected image of femininity" to encourage “stupidity” that is the liberation from typical gender roles (Sweney).

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In the field of commerce, there are many ethical conflicts that take place in the corporate world. A widely controversial moral dilemma that tends to astonish many people about the sneaker industry is the working conditions in factories of large corporations like Nike. With the outsourcing of components such as manufacturing in remote factories from foreign countries, their idea of conduct was frowned upon by many consumers due to the horrendous working conditions in said factories. With an extremely low wage rate, it was no doubt a corrupt sweatshop business.

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