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I read a post titled “Heart Problems Affected by Depression” by Kindsey on After reading the post I found myself on the National Alliance on Mental Illness home page (2014). While reading the website I found that they, and many other organizations, categorize depression as a mental illness. Depression is not always a mental illness; it can be caused by social factors too, and I believe that should be recognized.

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In the article “Childhood depression may increase risk of heart disease by teen years” by the University of South Florida (USF Health), a recent study done by Jonathan Rottenberg, Professor of Psychology, shows that children with depression are more likely to have heart diseases early on. The Science Daily articles states that it was an already known fact that depression is linked with heart problems for adults.

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For many weeks now, I decided to concentrate on problems related to youth while trying to find solution or ways to end these problems in our society including organizations where you can go and make a change yourself. During this research, I found many organization and people who tried to make a change, but one of them really inspired me : Craig Kielburger.

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Human trafficking is a serious crime and is dealt with by the law in various ways. The article “Montreal man gets 6 years in Ottawa human trafficking case involving girl, 17” published by the Canadian Press is on the topic of human trafficking and takes place in Ottawa , Montreal and various other places. “A Slow War on Human Trafficking” published by Julia C. Mead is also on the topic of human trafficking but looks more at the justice system and what should be changed.

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