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            Though this advertisement is not explicitly putting forward a pair of breasts to promote Arby’s burgers, we immediately recognize these pieces of meat as such. The objectification of a woman’s body is so pervasive in our society that we immediately recognize the female form. In this ad, a pair of cheeseburgers positioned as breasts are being cupped by what appears to be a young woman’s hands. This ad is putting forward the typical image of the ideal female model.

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The article Men Do Get It: Eating Disorders in Males from an Asian Perspective by Tan Shian Ming, Pearlene Lin Miao Shan, Angeline Kuek Shu Cen, Lee Ee Lian, and Evelyn Boon Swee Kim focuses on the eating disorders found in males from the Asian perspective. Historically data about male eating disorders have been over looked and not focused on. Recently there has either been a large amount of men with eating disorders or men have been over looked in the past. The ratio or male to female eating disorders is 1:10 historically but recently data supports the ratio 1:3.

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