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There are enterprises in every country of the world and they are all at different levels. Some are international, some are barely known. Corporate Knight, a magasine for clean capitalism, took 100 enterprise that stand out from the rest and created : the global 100. The Global 100 places the top 100 companies in order of ethicness, #1 being the most substainable corporation. Tech Ressources Ltd. is one of them.

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I chose business administration because I couldn’t find something else I would like better. I don’t intent to create my own company, but I sure would like to help others with theirs. I like this program because it helps me understand the “Wall Street way”. There’s so much domain where I can apply what I’ve learned. It goes from doing some lame paperwork to managing a zoo.  Eventually, everything leads to money. Economy is everywhere. If you need to eat, if you want to protect the environment of if you’re for free education, money is required.

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  Hi, my name is Nicolas Léopold, I’m in my 4'Th session at "Cégep du Vieux-Montréal".  You don't have to be an expert to write an article. I’ll show you why. Here’s an article that I wrote about "Ethical Business". What is a best way to introduce the subject than to give you my definition of what an ethical business is and what it should be. There are, in fact, differences between those two ideas. We all know that the reality is not what it should be.

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