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In order to diminish our environmental footprint, we have decided to implement plants around Champlain college to improve the air quality that will at the same time socially sustainable.  

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Nowadays, we live in a world where we depend mostly on cars to answer our need to move. As vehicles became more available, our roads became full of inefficient cars. A typical car usually has 5 seats, but it is unfortunate that most of the time there is only one passenger in each car. Consequently, our highways are more packed than ever which has multiple impacts on the environment and the people. This issue brings a fundamental question: How can we be more efficient in the way we move? One major solution is to do carpooling.  

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In our class of sustainable happiness, Anne-Marie and I proposed a project to our school. This project consists of finding a problematic in our school that involves people who are surrounded by stress situations. After many consultations, teachers and students agreed that we do our project before the evaluation week, known as the end of the semester. This period is mainly characterized by anxiety. Studies reveal that while the end of the semester is approaching, students declared that they have a rise of stress.

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