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When the term “abrortion” comes up in a normal conversation between anyone a heated argument usually occurs. It is very hard for a solution to come about when most of the country is 50/50 about an important social issue. As this issue effects the male and female race it is mainly argued by the people that actually have the choice which are females. When it comes to voting women have won their rights and is currently not the problem, the new problem is abortion. Who is against is and who is for it and is it a personal choice?

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An NFL quarterback gets very upset when seeing all of the police brutality, police shootings and racism going on throughout the country. He feels the need to take it to the next level and make a stand realizing he has freedom of speech. After tweeting and attempting to share his beliefs he later makes a mark on America that will make us think twice about somethings.

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The emergency to learn I was clearly not as familiar as I thought with the term "race". I had a very focussed idea on this subject and I had never thought of the million ways we could approach it. I knew about this way of dividing people into categories, but I quickly realized and learned about those categories that we call race, and the fact that they may be illogical.

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