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Do you think women are often stereotyped in the workplace because of their gender? Do you prefer a male boss to a female boss or vice versa or does their sex not matter? Nowadays Woman have taken on major roles in the workplace. Rather than the stereotypical phrases such as “Women belong in the kitchen” Now century’s later women are bosses, doctors, teachers and so much more. Well even though times have changed, am sure there are still some men who struggles with taking orders from women. What do these men think of the fact there could be a woman president?

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     Child abuse is a topic that generates feelings of both sadness and anger to anyone who hears about a case. Children are supposed to be able to trust their parent, so when a parent or other close relative abuses a child, it can have a number of negative impacts on the child that could affect them for the rest of their lives. It can also have another, scarier effect; it could lead a child to commit homicide. Could a child that has been exposed to physical, mental, and/or social abuse though all of their life all of a sudden one day snap and commit an act of murder?

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Recently there seems to be an increase in women fearing that their gender will have a negative direct effect on the possibilities of getting a career, or that career ever advancing, and a fear that their wages will be lower simply because they are women. There is also a fear that because they are women, they have slim pickings for jobs they can actually pick. This is obviously a huge problem.

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Prior to 2012, Valentino launched its Vogue Vanity campaign and it has since then received attention for all the wrong reasons. While the ad is meant to market an actually rather stunning red dress, it draws our attention instead to the mistreatment against women. In this advertisement, a woman is being pinned to the ground by a police officer as another man observes what is perceived by many as an act of violence. The subliminal message behind this ad is one of male dominance and authority over women.

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