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Alan Reifman, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Texas Tech University, posted an interesting article about the sources of stress in a college student's life. As of October 1st of 2011, the post called ''Stress in College Students'' provides interesting facts about which types of students are the most stressed and where that stress comes from. For example, African Americans on campus are the most stressed out class of students due to pressure from their peers and the society.

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The blog review “How The Riot Club's Sam Claflin became a Buller boy”, written by Alex Godfrey, discusses the character Sam Claflin plays in the movie “The Riot Club”. The movie’s storyline focuses on the Riot Club’s annual dinner; ten white rich young men assemble to trash restaurants, take drugs, humiliate women, and collectively beat up others simply for the sake of the club’s tradition. The post in itself points to how revolting, horrible and nonchalant these activities are.

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This is an advertisement from the well-known clothing company American Apparel. Its intention is to promote a new season’s clothing items- such as jeans, skirts or socks. The photos show women and young girls posing in very provocative ways, sometimes lying on beds, half naked or wearing nothing at all.

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The article “Study Finds Racial Disparity in Criminal Prosecutions” published in the New York Times on July 8th by James C. McKinley deals with the controversial issue of racial discrimination in the legal system.  A study was conducted in Washington to see if individuals from different “races” could be judged less harshly and therefore, avoid some jail time.  The study compared over two years the trial of participants of different “races”: White, African American, Hispanic and Asian.

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