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How to Write a Radio Script.   When listening to the radio in a car, a kitchen or at work have you ever wondered if writing a radio script was the same as an essay text? What is following, is a process description of how to write a radio script, according to how it is teach in Media, Art and Technology at the Cégep de Jonquière. This technique can also be used for a television preview or even a radio publicity. This way of writing can be used for any subject for example for a show, an event, some news. The following four steps will help to write a good radio script:

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               With a short but engorged history of female and minority misrepresentation, it comes as no surprise that even though the graphics of video games are only getting better and more realistic, the characters are still somehow becoming increasingly two-dimensional. The Hitman franchise, now nearly 17 years old, is only one example in a long succession of controversies concerning marketing in the video game industry.

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