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The green party promises and shows involvement in the healthcare system.  They have campaigned to increase dental care coverage for children and want to invest money into the care for the elderly as our population is aging. Compared to all other federal parties, the green party shows the most interest in improving the healthcare system including family doctors, treatment in rural areas, and health research.

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As a Team Canada fan and an athletic girl myself, the Olympics are very important to me and Pierre de Coubertin’s Maxine, ‘’the important is to participate’’, inspires me a lot. Unfortunately, nowadays, it seems like the Olympic spirit has now become more about politics and economic decisions… Brazilians are known to be optimistic no matter what. However, after seeing the way their government handled the ‘’Olympic responsibility’’, hope is now turning into anger.

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Since a few decades, we started to be preoccupied by climate change, as we began to understand that a radical change in our daily habits might be the only solution to protect our future. However, it takes a long time for mentalities to evolve and at the moment, we’re not making enough efforts to make a difference. As a matter of fact, we’re starting to face important consequences, as the NASA recently announced that many of its facilities were at risk because of the rise of the sea level.

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The 21st century might be called the century of space exploration, but I'd prefer it to be remembered as the century of contradiction. We say we need to eat healthier and excercise, yet we live in a world where being obese before being 30 is almost normal. We praise self-acceptance and reclaim realistic beauty standards yet we encourge an industry only selling us dream and impossible body images. Marketing has more power on us than we think, as explained in a CBC article about ''fairy products''. What secrets are hidden behind the bar codes?

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The legalization of marijuana is a very actual topic of conversation now in Canada. Moreover, as it might be an electoral issue in period of federal election campaign, more and more of us are interested to hear the various opinions of the parties on that subject. Therefore, I've decided to write my blog entry about pot's economic impact in Colorado, one of the American states that legalized the purchase and sale of marijuana since November 2012.

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In a world where being vegan has now become trendy, some of us are questioning meat consumption and as always, we face the eternal moral dilemma between eating meat or not. Despite our heritage  of proud Canadian producers,  it seems like we are starting to change our consumer's habits: according to a Globe and Mail article, the profit margins in the food industry dropped by nearly 1% this year.

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You are lying in the hospital bed, weak, in pain, knowing that there is nothing left for you than to just wait. Wait for death to come to you. Would you want the option to end your suffering there?

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As most of you, I've seen the image of Aylan, only three years of age, lying on a Morrocan beach. This powerful image, summarizing the cruelty of the inhumane reality of the Syrian migrants, made me realize how lucky I was. But what about the migrants from the others countries, the ones in the shadow of the Syrian crisis? This entry is dedicated to them, as I'll review a "New-York Times" article on the Iraqis migrants.

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