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Deng, Nancy (75) B2A-LA Section 202 Chemistry and environment Superpost The impact of livestock on Earth

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            In recent news and media platform, it has been since the dawn of time that I could remember people discussing the issue of deforestation and specifically in the Amazonian forest. The Amazonian forest holds dear to every human being well at least it should, since it is known to be the lungs of our sole planet Earth. In the article “ Increased deforestation could substantially reduce Amazon basin rainfall” it discusses the relation found between the continuing harmful deforestation of the Amazon rainforest along with the amount of rain that bestow in the Amazon River basin.

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In the article “Want to be green? Forget mass transit. Work at home”, we shall discuss about one of the biggest environmental problem caused by major cities. As we all know, big cities build up big traffic, without doubt. We can observe this phenomena in our local city: Montreal. You may ask yourself: “Expanding highway routes will probably resolve this issue?”. This is wrong, take Los Angeles as an example. You may be surprised because a major city with routes expanding up to eight lanes still have transit issues. As you build more roads, more cars will travel on them.

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            In the article “Environment: GLOBAL WARMING KILLING OCEANS' LIFE CENTRES” written by Jim Lobe it explains how climate change is showing us no signs of backing away and not only does it raise the temperature in our atmosphere, but also it also raise it in our ocean water, which can cause human and overall the ecosystem a lot of trouble, specifically the coral reefs. Studies from the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network show that more or less 70% of the world’s coral reefs are being affected by destructions.

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In the article “Environment and Health Impacts of Household Solid Waste Handling and Disposal Practices in Third World Cities: The Case of Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana” written by Kwasi Owusu Boadi and Markku Kuitunen explains how improper handling of solid wastes can trigger multiple health and environmental issues. As a location the authors chose to examine the rural area of Ghana in Accra. In the capital of Ghana, the researchers went ahead and interviewed 960 women that were head of their household and held a survey from June to August 2003.

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