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The article “’Racist’ Halloween costumes stir debate” by Marlene Habib of CBC News posted on October 27th, 2011 discusses the issue of people wearing Halloween costumes that some members of different ethnic groups find rather offensive, and well, racist. A campaign was launched by Ohio University’s Students Teaching About Racism in Society, also known as STARS, and fired up much debate as to whether or not wearing ethnically influenced clothing was appropriate.

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The article “Racist signs are popping up all over Saguenay, Quebec” by Stephanie Mercier Voyer in VICE news from August 7th, 2014 explains how the small town of Saguenay has grown to be increasingly racist. It explains the presents of racist stickers appearing around Chicoutimi that were given out by the Federation des Quebecois de Souche. The FQS stated that their main reason for doing this was because they believed that the presence of these religious groups it has impacted Quebec’s most valuable institutions. The campaign mentioned the restriction made on halal and kosher foods.

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The article “Rhetoric of racism, from Ferguson to Palestine” by Nadia Barhoum posted in Aljazeera on September 4th, 2014 explains how there are parallels of shared experiences between many African American and Palestinian people. It compares the recent events that took place in Ferguson, and in Palestine this past summer, the shooting of a young innocent black man named Michael Brown, and the killing of over 2000 Palestinian people.

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         The article ‘’Racism Is Canada's Problem Too - Let's Talk About it’’ by Craig and Marc Kielburger starts off by talking about a couple racist events that happened recently such as the shooting in Ferguson Missouri of a black teen by white police officers. He also mentions an event in which Canada’s minister of state himself was a victim of racism when out with his family in an Edmonton tennis club where a women said that because of his race the prime minister of state and his family were probably poor and unemployed.

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An unarmed innocent 18-year-old was shot several times in broad day light, in cold blood by a white police officer on August 9th, 2014. To no surprise the 18-year-old was an African American. Michael Brown Jr. was killed on the edge of beginning college. The following days of the death of Mike Brown, streets flooded with protestors to rally against the killing of the innocent young man. The peaceful protest quickly escalated to a riot due to the involvement of the military.

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Violence against Women is from centuries and still continuing, and the horrible thing is it’s getting worst and worst day by day. Most of the women had experienced that they have at least an incident of physical or sexual abuse since the age of 16, and 67% Canadians says that they know at least one woman who’s been assaulted by this age. It’s even around the world women being abused, they are getting abuse by physically, sexually, verbally, Spiritual abuse, Criminal harassment, as well as financially.

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Religious practices, and in particular prayers, have been an issue in many societies during the last few years. In his editorial published on August 30, 2014 in the Toronto Star, Ken Gallinger discusses two different point of views about this subject.

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The article discusses the brutality happening in Northern Iraq against the Christian minority population. The ISIS terrorist group’s aim is to ethnically cleanse the minority groups in Iraq.  Those who don’t convert to Islam, are brutally murdered. Joanne Scullion suggests a solution to this issue, insisting that Prime Minister Stephan Harper should get involved and put an end to the persecution of the minority groups in Iraq. The ethical issue brought up in this situation is, should Canada get involved in the genocides occurring in Iraq and Syria?

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