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The American Humanist Association (AHA) published an article saying that religion and education should be separated. A third grade teacher at Benavides Elementary School was promoting Christianity to her students by having a cross on the wall of the classroom and saying no one is perfect except ‘our lord’.

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 Freedom of religion is considered by most people to be a fundamental human right. No matter how bizarre or strange we might think someone’s religious belief is, like a lot of people will think about this one, it is still their religious belief and they have the right to freely express it.

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I know when reading the title you will probably say: oh no not another article on the attack... But, what I want to do with this post is not to bore you, it is to woke up some people who seems to not understand very well the situation. 

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There was an article published by American Humanist Association (AHA) saying an atheist named Baker was forced by a judge to attend 'faith-based' Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. The atheist didn't want to attend these types of meetings and demanded for other options but the judge never gave him some. The atheist finds it very uncomfortable to be obligated to attend these types of meetings. Hearing what Baker was against attending these meetings, the judge forced him to go twice a week anyway.  

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