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About cancer, everyone knows that this disease is about mutant cells and its spread through all body. However, there is an old research believes that there is another source can lead to cancer. It was called the epigenetic alteration. The study showed that "epigenetic changes – which don’t change the DNA sequence but how it is ‘read'." This issue does not change or mutate any gene in the DNA sequence, but it acts like a switch off to inactivate any particular gene; the gene is turned off  can affect to the function of other companies.

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Altered HIV Gene Expression Leading to Faster CD4 Depletion  

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A study was performed on participants all born in the 90's. There were a total of 14,500 participants in the expirement done by The Univeristy of Bristol. The research found that if a girl's maternal grandmother had smoked during pregnancy, she was 67% more likely to display traits found in Autism like poor communication skills and repitive behavior. This disovery shows that if a female is exposed to cigarette smoke while still in the womb, it could affect the developg eggs.

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Sean Bigler BIO 206 April 11, 2017   Article:   YOU HAVE TWO HOURS TO COMPLETE THE CALCULUS EXAM…LET’S BEGIN.  (Psst!.......Is your math anxiety heritable, environmental or a multifactorial construct?)  

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Kianu Schwerdtfeger Kristin Muller Genetics 206 5 March 2017

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Miles Soyer Genetics Critique Targeting the osteosarcoma cancer stem cell 4/4/17    

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