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In the article "Interracial Roommate Relationships: An Experimental Field Test of the Contact Hypothesis”, Russell H. Fazio and Natalie J. Shook (2008) study investigated the affect of long-term interracial relationships of dormitory roommates on naturally triggered racial attitudes. The researchers’ hypothesis on the subject is that intolerance, prejudice as well as a lack of exposure to other minorities or groups are the roots of ignorance.

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Everybody knows that racism is still a very important and prominent issue in our society. Everyday, people of color or other ethnicities not white are mistreated by law enforcement for no apparent reason. Other than the color of their skin, the law enforcement mainly rely on the situational and community factors when contemplating if nonlethal force is needed or not to apprehend a suspect. This is a very important topic because all citizens should be treated equally by law enforcement no matter what race or community they may come from.

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In today society, racism if often associated with white people as perpetuators and people of other colors as victims, an issue that is discussed in this article through a psychological test analysing people’s perception of themselves and of others based on racial bias.

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After raping and leaving a woman completely vulnerable behind a dumpster, Brock Turner is sentenced to a mere 6 months prison time.

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A  heavily made up, half naked, slender, near-perfect woman is sitting seductively showcasing her long, desirable legs in a racy advertisement published in Belgium’s leading male magazine, P-magazine. Beside the woman is the message “Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her”, just below her rear. There are countless issues to address in this ad; The objectification of women, the normalization of heterosexuality, and the presence and promotion of unattainable beauty standards for women.

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Through these past weeks’ lectures and discussions, I was able to improve my understanding of the concept of “race” and the impact that it has on our modern society. In today’s generation, people will often associate various races to specific things; from Arabs and bombs, to Mexicans and illegal immigration, these affiliations, meant as jokes, show how much the concept of race has become omnipresent and is part of our everyday life.

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