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Saguenay’s mayor Jean Tremblay posted a video of himself on YouTube explaining his outbreak against Greenpeace and “the intellectuals of the world”. He debates that many workers in industries are losing their jobs due to projects that are stopped by Greenpeace, because they affect the environment in Saguenay. "Leave us in peace, says Ms. Tremblay. ‘We know very well what the environment is and we have great respect for nature, but we also want to develop and we want our workers to have jobs."

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In a Montreal Gazette article titled “Editorial: CIA torture revelations are appalling” published on December 11 2014, discuss the cruel acts of interrogation from the CIA.  With harsh tactics such as waterboarding, rectal hydration, even going far by threatening families of 1 prisoner were all part of a program to interrogate prisoners to receive any possible answers from them.

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As human beings, we are entitled to be universally free from harm that might go against our freedom, dignity, and health. However, in some circumstances, harming someone as a solution to help others keep their freedom, dignity, and health might seem justifiable. For instance, torture has been often been brought to our attention by the media since the events of 9/11 in the United States.

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Legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic during the summer in Canada as some politicians have voiced their opinion on the subject during the season. This news article made by Global News was about the controversial point of view that the new Liberal leader Justin Trudeau had regarding legalization of cannabis. During this summer, Mr. Trudeau had taken a firm stance about legalizing marijuana in Canada.

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Assisted Suicide: Unraveling a complex issue Written by: Mark Erksek, RN, PhD.  

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