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Have you met Molly?  

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Mix together hormonal youth with alcohol and close living conditions with the opposite sex and what do you expect would happen?

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Corruption and numerous other problems have existed in the policing community for as long as the modern policing era has existed. In theory the corruption could be wiped out completely using three different aspects to create the 'Good Cop.' Creating a 'Good Cop' could improve relations within the community and therefore improve crime rates within communities.

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“The Shame Of The NCAA” is about the NCAA generating revenue through the use of student athletes without paying them. The article tells the struggle of athletes who work relentlessly, and often could use even the smallest share of the millions of revenue they generate, but they never are granted anything because they are considered amateurs.

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On September 9, 2009 an article titled “Repeat Drunk Driver Not a Dangerous Offender” was published on the CBC news website. The article revolves around Roger Walsh who in 2008 killed a women in a wheelchair named Anee Khudaverdian. Roger Walsh hit Anee and fled the scene to only be arrested a couple blocks away after having crashed into a ditch. Quebec court Judge Michel Mercier gave Walsh a life sentence in jail but refused to label him as a “dangerous offender”. The night of the murder, Roger Walsh had more than double the legal alcohol limit.

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