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Since the beginning of the 2017 NFL season, many players have either knelt, sat or raised a fist during the American National anthem. Raising controversy around the country. However with the recent celebration of Veterans Day, fewer NFL players have protested during the national anthem. The NFL player association argued and asked the players in order to honor the veterans. Even players such as, Michael Bennett, who has been protesting since the beginning stood during the anthems. However there were three players who still knelt despite the occasion.

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Just recently Quebec has passed Bill 62 which prevents the covering of the face when receiving or administering a public service. Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée set out to clarify this very controversial ban. She says the law will only apply when communication, identification, and security reasons are involved. She says the law will only be implemented in certain cases, and was not meant to be “repressive”.  

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