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In this article, “Getting Serious about Overfishing” by the Economist, it is implied that our oceans are in more trouble than they have ever been. According to the article, we consume the most fish we have ever consumed. It is shown that in a study conducted in 2013, 32% of the world’s fish stocks were being exploited beyond their sustainable limit which is a lot and this is an increase of 10% since the 1970s. Although we overfish, other problems which affect the oceans are pollution and fertilizer run-off which causes big damage to the fish since it ruins their ecosystems.

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The article “Fisheries emissions rising despite recent efforts, UBC study shows” by Bethany Lindsay discusses and brings forward how different types of fisheries bring different amounts of Carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. A new research from the University of British Columbia discovered that crustacean fisheries, like shrimp and lobster, actually create the most emissions than other fisheries. The study found a 21% increase in Greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of fish, from 1990-2011.

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Causes of climate change   

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In the article “Sask. Auditor says climate plan is encouraging, but still more work to do” David Baxter discusses a few environmental and climate change related issues that provincial and federal governments encounter. Canada’s commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development released a climate change report that most of the provinces or territories failed to meet a certain standard regarding climate change. Although many of the provinces have had plans for climate change however they did not have important details like timelines. Some provinces had no plan at all.

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The article titled “Environmental Consequences of Oil Spills”, written by Larry West for ThoughtCo, outlines, as its title states, the consequences of oil spills originating from sources such as pipelines, on the environment. West explains that an oil spill on land infiltrates the soil and may render it unable to sustain the lives of local plants as well as it used to. This can affect the entire ecosystem if other creatures are dependent on the existence or abundance of these plants.

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In the article, “Natural Changes That Can Affect an Ecosystem”, Amy Harris discusses how an ecosystem can change naturally with the help of drivers, ecological succession, severe storms and other factors. For example, wind, rain, predators, and storms such as hurricanes are all examples of natural events that can change an ecosystem. An ecosystem can also be composed of non-living things such as, rocks, wind, air, soil etc. There are also different kinds of ecosystems for example, grasslands, tundra and many others.

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This article by “the American Institute of Biological Sciences”, talks about how water is becoming a scarce resource. As humans, we use a lot of water, to bathe, wash clothes and dishes, for production of food. Etc. However, even though water is considered to be a renewable resource because of rainfall, our over use of its availability leads to water shortages. This article stresses that the high demand for water can threaten biodiversity as well as basic human needs such as food production and drinking clean water.

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The article, “Population, Consumption and the Future” by David Funkhouser adresses some very important topics when talking about population/resources/energy. Funkhouser states that while our population increases at such a rapid rate, the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources begin to increase. The report “People in the Planet” states that by the year 2050, our population will increase by roughly 2.3 billion people. It also states that in 2050, roughly 1.8 billion people will live in areas with little access to water.

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This past year has been the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. However this specific Canada Day has drawn some controversy amongst some. This celebration has meant to be a celebration of all Canada has been through. Two invasion by the Americans, Quebec separatism on the rise and while the world seems to be imploding, Canada has been the centre of acceptance, and multiculturalism. Trudeau even walked in a parade wearing socks that said “Eid Mubarak” to mark the Muslim festival at the end of Ramadan. Among Americans, Trudeau is more known and respited than Trump.

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The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion project, which consists of expanding the Trans Mountain pipeline system between Edmonton and Burnaby, has been a subject of huge controversy ever since the project was announced in 2012. An article by Shawn McCarthy and Carrie Tait explains that although the construction of this pipeline expansion has already started, protesters from Burnaby, BC, have kept the construction from happening in their city.

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This article outlines the current problems in American politics.Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security advisor, has been a strong figure in the investigation between the trump campaign and Russia. He was the first person to plead guilty to lying to the FBI with regards to the Russia investigation, after a “probe” by Robert Mueller. This is meant to be a “plead deal” so that the FBI will have more cooperation from the Trump administration.

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This article discusses about the contreversial issue of not having a specific law in which protects the animals' rights. The author mentions the Bill C-17 in which was placed in 1999 but did not last. There were other bills in which were brought up such as: C-15/15B, C-10, C-22, C-50, C-274, C-277 and C-610. Even though there were many supporters for these bills to pass, including multiple justice ministers and was helped by the investement of a solid amount of Canadian dollars. Sadly, these never made it into legislation.

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This article discusses about the contreversial issue that abortion is supported by medical institutions but is not able to be addressed socially. Individuals who experienced getting aborted, usually choose not to mention it because of the fear of getting judged or feel embarrassed, guilty for being part of the category of women who chose to get aborted. The main reason for these girls to feel this way is because there are preconceived expectations by the others that there is obviously a good reason for someone to choose this option.

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With more and more conflicts happening in the world today, refugees and immigration is a large factor of Canadian life. According to the author, recently the Canadian and Ontario government have put in place a new agreement in order to acquire skilled immigrants, as well as increase their chances of improving their skills and trades, to meet the province’s “occupational standards”. Up to $91 million was included in the The Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA). This is to aid fund new comers to enhance their skills for up to three years, so that they may work in Ontario.

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The debate around the Kirpan has been present in Québec for a few years and is still to this day discussed by opposite worldviews. The issue around the Kirpan, a religious symbol worn by Sikhs, comes from the debate whether the symbolic weapon should be accepted in schools or any other public place where security is mandatory. In his article for The Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson discusses the issue.  

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At the end of January 2017, two men entered the Quebec mosque and killed six people injuring eight more. It was an obvious act of islamophobia. Many political figures instantly took part in supporting the Muslim community and criticizing the act. For example, both Couillard and Trudeau told speeches and showed their compassion via social medias. Trudeau denounced the terrorists by calling them cowards. Worldwide responses to the attack were positive, and again, supporting Quebec’s Muslim community.

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Since the beginning of the 2017 NFL season, many players have either knelt, sat or raised a fist during the American National anthem. Raising controversy around the country. However with the recent celebration of Veterans Day, fewer NFL players have protested during the national anthem. The NFL player association argued and asked the players in order to honor the veterans. Even players such as, Michael Bennett, who has been protesting since the beginning stood during the anthems. However there were three players who still knelt despite the occasion.

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Just recently Quebec has passed Bill 62 which prevents the covering of the face when receiving or administering a public service. Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée set out to clarify this very controversial ban. She says the law will only apply when communication, identification, and security reasons are involved. She says the law will only be implemented in certain cases, and was not meant to be “repressive”.  

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