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Discrimination is not only targeted against race, but also sexuality. Discrimination against transgenders is a big social issue that we face today. Emily Cao brought up the issue that transgenders face in the medical field. By doing research on health clinics and support groups, she believes that it will have an overall view on how the medical system deals with transgender people and how discrimination of transgender people goes against human rights.

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In the Academic Journal Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, Shan Jin, Nazeem Muharjarine, Jennifer Cushon and Hyun J. Lim wrote an article on March 1, 2013 named “Factors Associated with Childhood Depression in Saskatoon Students: A Multilevel Analysis”. They chose to investigate the whys behind childhood depression because most adults nowadays affected by depression have most likely suffered from mild to high level depression as children.

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“Impossible!” would shout the average person who has attended an eastern European wedding. Alcohol is so intertwined with the cultural traditions of Slavs that a dry wedding would be hard to imagine but not for Priest Włdysław Zązel who is the leading figure of the movement “Wedding of the Weddings”.

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Whether we choose to ignore it or not, it can still be said that violence is a ubiquitous characteristic of our society. Though we usually see it as being manifested through regional armed conflicts or local crime, violence is something that can also be found, quite commonly, at home. Across the world, millions of households are gripped with the horror of domestic violence, which can lead to many victims suffering from physical and psychological pain, or worse. The issue of domestic violence is explored in two articles – one from The Gazette and another from the Guardian.

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Hookah smoking is fast growing among youth of today.It helps in socializing among friends but its health risks and safety are the problems at hand. This lays out the evils behind hookah smoking on whether it's safe or not.

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