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Most of us in the Western world are exposed to so many ads that we grow unaware of its effect on us. Whether it’s from colossal billboards on the side of freeways or from a non-traditional marketing method such as product placement in movies, our brains are somewhat wired to take this information in subconsciously without realizing its meaning or even comprehending its effect. This is particularly dangerous when such ads work as scaffolds to build the patriarchal world view.

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          When my family and I moved to Quebec from Ontario, I was still a little young to actually care in any way about how a person looked or where they came from, but let’s just say the part of my neighbourhood I grew up in was not very racially diverse. In Elementary School, I was quite obviously part of the visible minority since the school was probably 95% white. But when I joined the High School in the “less favorable” part of my neighbourhood, things started to change.

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