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 Claude Marie YapoGroup 1030  Founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, Honda Motor Inc. is one of the most important car makers in the world. Thanks to it philanthropy and it ethical business, the company apart from its competitors. In fact, the article that I choose, talked about the new website of the North-American’s Honda subsidiary had been launched. This new website aims to show the various efforts that made the company for the community and its customers through four principal pillars: environment, diversity, community and education.

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What is right or wrong for the company? Without ethical a company can scrap is reputation quickly, a company who respect their ethical's code should be more successful then another who don't. Ethical business is about the behavior that the company adheres to. It is a concept or a moral dimension of right or wrong conducts that each company defending. For me, just the world «ethical» is a synonym of moral, of what is proper and what is right.

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