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               Laws are a system of rules that a country or society identifies as variable of actions of its members, and may enforce it by Different level of government, which have the ability to impose punishment to provide security and protection for society. Whereas social science is the study of human society, and relationships. Connecting these two terms to get a better vision that the government provides laws and protection to defend people from risking them self, or causing damages to others, which Improves human stander of living.

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            Law as social science is one of the greatest courses that I have ever taken because the theory of that course is to show the relationship between the law and the social science. First of all, I am going to definite the law in my own theory. Law is the rules that the country sets for their citizens or the people who came to visit the country. For example, the Canadian government sets a law for the drivers to not park on the disabled parking unless you have permission to park there.

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    v  Why do we obey the law?

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Why do we obey the law?  

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Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on a regular?  

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