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During the two past decades, Nike was able to secure its position in theskateboarding industry. It used extensive and effective advertising, sponsored some of the most recognized professionals and contests, collaborated with major brands, and went as far as knocking some of the most established ones out of business. Nike’s business strategy was clearly successful, but the reactions that it caused within the skateboarding community worldwide are also noticeable. More and more skaters are trying to support skater-owned brands, by solidarity.

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In an age of continuous scientific and technological advancement, it is not uncommon that morals constitute a potential brake to seemingly revolutionary ideas and concepts. This is the case for autonomous cars. Indeed, while human error is the source of more than 90% of car accidents, a car that requires nearly no human action has a much faster reaction time and cannot be drunk or distracted by a cellphone. However, the use of self self-driving cars represents a moral dilemma in the measure that these vehicles can face dilemmas themselves.

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