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A review of the film Sugar Cane Alley

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It is very well known that Chinese families put extreme pressure on their kids to be good, if not the best, at school. This results in students working astonishingly hard to  study and to overwork to an unhealthy level. As for the parents, many of them downgrade their way of living in order to offer their kids an education a shot at obtaining the ''Chinese Dream'', which is the ideal lifestyle valued by the Chinese population.

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Parenting can be one of the toughest jobs for a mother and father to overcome. Parental strategies, practices, attitudes, and supervision can have a dramatic effect on a child’s viewpoints, attitudes and actions in life. In a recent study, the effects of parental practices, attitudes, and television mediation on adolescent sexual behaviors were investigated. In the study, participants ranged in age from 12 to 16 years old. The sample was almost evenly divided between males (52%) and females (48%) of all different races. They were asked a series of questions about their sexual behaviors. Results of the experiment showed that adolescents who reported open sexual communication with parents were more likely to initiate the sexual behaviors. But, those adolescents who initiated the sexual behaviors were also proven to be older, have less parental monitoring, lower mother-child communication, and less parental disproval of sex than those who had not engaged in the sexual behavior (Bersamin, 2008).

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Antonia Biggs & colleagues (2013) constructed and analyzed the results of a study determining reasons why women have abortions. During this study they interviewed  954 women from all over the United States. These women were placed in an exam room for 40 minutes and asked one question, for what reason did they decide to have an abortion? Many women found it hard to identify one solid reason for making the choice that they did. They often provided multiple reasons. When analyzing the data gathered they found there was a wide range of answers given.

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Why is there a double standard when it comes to men and women having friends with benefits?

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The article ‘India child sex victims 'humiliated'’ posted on the BBC news and written by ‘The US-based Human Right Watched’ discusses about the lack of awareness the country of India has towards children getting abused sexually.  The HRW (Human Rights Watched) reports that children in India whom have been victimized of child sexual abuse are often neglected and humiliated by the police.

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Throughout the United States, spanking has been amongst one of the most controversial issues when it comes to the specific ways of raising a child. There has been numerous shows on what not to do as a parent when raising one or more child in a household, to in all receive order in the family. Lansford, specifically hints upon the reasons as to why one would decides to externally implement spanking in to the parental decisions. Most believe, that spanking is the only way, if not the best way to raise a child and others think the opposite.

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How can domestically violent parents have an impact on the relationship between the mother and child?

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Hostility Towards Assisted Suicide  

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Disney's new Princess Sofia was supposed to be the first princess to represent Hispanic women. However Disney recently posted that Princess Sofia is to represent "multi-cultural" ethnicity's, presenting controversies with Hispanic and other cultural fans who wish to identify with a Disney Princess.

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Technically, everyone has the right to die. But the question is do people have the right to assist you without anything being panelized against them. Should we respect others wishes and desire to die?

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In the article Gays in Russia Find No Haven, Despite Support From The West ( written by David M. Herszenhorn, homosexuality is not only against the law in Russia, but has Russians getting harassed and abused publically.

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