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Andrew O’Connor’s article on ABC reports about a new law to help protect endangered animals. A new biodiversity law has been presented to Western Australia’s parliament with the assurance of protecting endangered species and habitats. Environment Minister, Albert Jacob, says the law will help protect biodiversity in WA’s South West, a recognizable threaten area.

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<p>In the article “Protecting Biodiversity” by David Suzuki Foundation states that there are about 16,000 species threatened with extinction, among them are 12 per cent of birds, 23 per cent of mammals and 32 per cent of amphibians (para 1). Wild life habitats around the world are being destroyed due to human impacts, such as pollution, deforestation, development, climate change, etc.

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Bee Movie had it right, not in a sense where bees can talk (that would be awesome), but the emphasis on the importance of the bees when it comes to agriculture. This is the message of alert portrayed in the article “Organic agriculture is helping save bees from extinction”. Ok, talking realistically, there is a major difference when it comes to the bee movie and reality: the movie presents the idea of having agriculture and flowers dying out; while reality includes bees’ extinction before that happening.  

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In the article “Plastic Impacts on the Marine Environment” published on Plastic Pollution Coalition website discusses the danger of plastic in our oceans. It has been said that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a patch of garbage that is twice the size of Texas that is floating around in our oceans, however the truth is that it is much worse than that. Although not all the garbage is composed of plastics, it is estimated to be between 60 and 80 percent of the total garbage in the ocean. Not only are our oceans being polluted by plastics it is also threatening marine life.

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In the article “Signs From Earth: The Heat Is On” by Joel Achenbach and Heidi Schultz they discuss how to many peoples beliefs global warming is not important enough to worry about because the next generation will have to deal with it and that generation is our generation. Most think that warning of global warming are just a scare tactics to scare us out of our cars and on our feet. This subject is very important and not just a scare tactic.

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The article “As demand for African timber soars, birds pay the ultimate price” by Drexel University talks about illegal logging in Ghana Upper Guinea rain forest and the increasing threat on bird communities. A new study co-authored by scientist at Drexel University published in. This area is one of the most popular “biodiversity hotspots” where rich ecosystems are most threatened. Researchers found that the level of legal and illegal logging has increased more than 600 percent from 1995-2010 which is six times greater than the maximum sustainable rate.

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The article "Population controls 'will not solve environment issues'" by Matt McGrath, environment correspondent at BBC news states that our global and environment issues will not be solved by suppressing population growth. In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, latest projections show there will be 12 billion humans on Earth by 2100.

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In the New York Times article, news journalist Kate Galbraith reveals the challenges and struggles of developing countries in constructing future dams. Since many states are deprived of basic energy sources, such as hydropower, solar energy and oil, “many developing countries, hungry for energy to supply their growing economies over the long term, are determined to keep building more modest-sized dams” (Galbraith, 2011, pp.1). In South America, the publisher points out that in Chile, strikers are enraged with the government placing dams on their lakes and reserves.

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