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Propaganda, according to Brittanica’s online search engine, has been defined as a “dissemination of information – facts, arguments, rumors, half-truths, lies – [meant] to influence public opinion” (Smith). Through propaganda, accepted (as well as unaccepted) virtues and values are conveyed through the use of symbols through artistic and non-artistic means (such as music, fashion, film, currency, etc.) to have them follow a particular set of actions, attitudes, or beliefs that a propagandist deems acceptable or “right” (Smith).

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The euthanasia is always a moral dilemma in the science and the social domains. It is true that it removes all the pains suffered by the patient by using a needle. In the hospital, this action is encouraged since it opens space for others. In addition, it can save the family of the patient from the huge medical expenses if they have financial problems. However, the question comes back to an ethical issue: is it morally correct to kill a human being?  

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