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The purpose of this article is to show the improvements that china is slowly make to improve the living conditions of its population. China Hints that they are planning to make these changes in the next couple of months. One of the main points that is made in the article is that they were going to be less strict about the one child policy. Now, both parents that are an only child are eligible to have a second child.

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In the movie Somewhere Between (Linda Goldstein Knowlton, 2011) Linda Goldstein Knowlton portrays the life of adoption through the eyes of four teenage girls struggling to know their past. As Haley searches for her parents Linda follows her experience to understand each and every struggle she faces and how she will overcome them, in order to  provide answers for her daughter Ruby who will eventually face the same struggles.

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Deviances are any behaviors or physical appearances that are socially challenged or condemned because it departs from the norms or expectations of the group. Deviances are evanescent and are shaped by the different societies in which we live. In My Beautiful Launderette (Frears and Kureishi, 1985), a film that exemplifies social deviance very well, Frears depicts how social deviances affected the lives of Pakistani’s living in Britain in the 1980s. To accompany these deviances were issues involving the class differences, ethnic differences, and issues surrounding social mobility.

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Social networking is a huge part of our culture today. We update everyone on all of our activities and whereabouts, and now it has reached the point where people are beginning to use social networking websites as a way to seek immediate sexual encounters. This seems to be a trend within the community of social networking users of men who have sex with men. And when these encounters take place, the sexual acts involved are much riskier and thus increase the probability of contracting some sort of STI or even HIV. Is this aspect of social networking “too social?”

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Researchers Leonardo Bobadilla, Amanda V. Metze & Jeanette Taylor (2013) studied the relationship between attractiveness and aggression.The results of the study ultimately found that for the male participants, unattractiveness was more likely to evoke unprovoked and reactive aggression that could be mirrored in strength to some unemotional psychopathic traits. In contrast to the males, in women, attractiveness was more likely to provoke aggression and predict heavier and harsher criticism of their opponent.

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In purpose of this article is to bring attention to UNICEF wanting to end female genital mutilation. Female genital mutilation is a ritual of cutting girls’ genitals. This ritual is practice by some African, Middle Eastern and Asian communities (BBC New Africa, 2013). One of the main points and certainly needed when trying to understand these communities is the reason behind the ritual. These communities practice FGM with the belief that it protects women’s virginity and woman marriageable (BBC New Africa, 2013).

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College is not only a place for academics and student body activities, but drinking. It is starting to become a problem on college campuses.

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In a study conducted in the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Researcher studies contributing risk factors to depression in adolescence. This study isn’t the first study to evaluate the effects of certain risk factors but its unique in that it focuses on negative inferential style, emotional clarity, and intervening life stressors. The study involved 256 racially diverse adolescents that were between the ages of 12 and 13.

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In an article from the New York Times published on the 24th of september, Jeffrey D. Sachs is discusing a social issue in Africa.

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The purpose of this article was to shame with the anti-gay laws in Russia. The main point that the author used to support his idea was that Russia’s failure to honor the Olympic Charter’s requirement of non-discrimination. The author also used Putin denying discrimination against the LGBT people to support his main idea. What makes the issue chosen a social problem is that it affects a group of people.

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Many individuals who are not abusers often rationalize that there is only the abuser to blame and nothing else. But, what many fail to consider is that there may be plenty of other factors, that if they would have been exposed to, may have increased their likelihood of developing a dependence on these substances.

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When children are bullied at a young age it can result in sleeping problems, depression and various levels of anxiety. Studies have shown that when a child is bullied it can also have long lasting effects such as problems adjusting as a young adult.

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