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cdiet1 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 11, 2014
In the article “Can We Make Our Students Smarter?” written by Carol S. Dweck, it is argued that intelligence is not simply something we are born with but something that can be acquired throughout our life and hard work. This controversial idea is argued between multiple respected minds. It is Lewis Terman, a psychologist, who believes it is genes that determine intelligence and therefore it is possible to classify children in the classroom by their intelligence. Other intellectuals such as Alfred Binet and Walter Lippman began to speak out against Terman and his beliefs.

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In the article "Why is Ebola Less Deadly in America than in Africa?", published on Vox and written by Julia Belluz, the Ebola outburst in America is discussed. In addition to this, Belluz compares the Ebola outburst in America to the African situation, where people have been exposed to it for quite a while. The author begins by explaining that Ebola is a condition where people "die from multi-system organ failure" (Beluz). She then goes on by stating that we used to believe that Ebola was incurable, but that with its appearance in America, we have realized that it is, in fact, treatable.

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Recently a co-worker and I were discussing certain documentaries being aired at a local university, when the topics of controversial subjects come up; one of which was homosexuality. I find it very upsetting that it is considered a controversial subject; what makes them any different than any one else? Do homosexuals not feel? Do they not want the same things others do; love, family, friendships, good jobs, etc? Are they not contributing members of society? Sadly most people don’t see this as being the case.

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Even though the death penalty is abolished in the majority of the countries of the world, in some countries it is still in effect as of today. I believe that this is something that should be changed in the world, and even though major progresses have been made about this situation, it is still an important ethical problem.  

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This article is about the different styles of parenting and how their children are affected. How a parent treats their child from the time of birth results in how the child will act and behave through out the rest of their adolescent lifetime. The two parenting types that are focused on in this article are authoritative parenting and permissive parenting. Authoritative parenting involves an aggressive parenting style. The parents are usually controlling and overbearing. They use high control tactics with low levels of love and affections.

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