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Should we have the death penalty in Canada? The article that I chose was on the topic of capital punishment (death penalty) in short what this article talks about is the removal of the death penalty in Canada.  They talk about the leaders that were in place and what they did to remove the death penalty. They also talk about how in fact we did use the death penalty and what we did to the person that was getting executed.

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In Polyamory not like push for gay marriage, Cathy Young push a case against polyamory unions. Young start by remembering us how the mariage question is a hot subject right now, first the gay community won a big victory in 2013 and now other groups want to change again our views about marriage.  

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Hi everyone, here is a post about if United-States should support Israel in its war against Palestine and terrorism. Summary of the article -In the article ‘’Point: The US Should Support an Israeli State in the Middle East’’ the author Micah Issitt argues that United-State should support Israel in the name of global security and the war against terrorism. The authors starts with a historical background of the conflict between Palestine and Israel and then finish with the advantages of supporting Israel in its war against Palestine.

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