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The article Science Makes Its Voice In Washington and Beyond written by Anne Q. Hoy is about the March for Science that took place on April 22nd 2017 in the streets of Washington DC. It wasn’t the only March for Science that happened on that date; actually, similar marches happened all over the globe, but, for this article, the author focused only on the Washington’s one. In the column, Hoy mentions that more than 50 speakers all linked nearby or far from science stood up and spoke about the importance of science in our society in front of a large auditory of science lovers.

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An earthquake is considered as a violent and sudden shaking of the ground. It destroys everything in the area and greatly damages the infrastructure of buildings. For the most part, thousands of lives are in danger during and after its activity. Scientists created an earthquake forecasting model to reduce the damage input of this disaster. They made a research about 40 different earthquakes from all around the world and tried to construct a model from their observations.

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