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In today’s society, climate change and the health of the earth is slowly becoming a very big issue. Every day, there is more and more evidence coming out that our population is causing too much harm to the earth’s environment. Governments around the world are starting to input stronger laws to society to try and reduce the harm being done.

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Mon 2015-11-02 9:22 PM

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Kess McRae Monday, October 19, 2015 Summary #2  

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In the entitled, “‘Black’-sounding name makes people imagine a larger, more dangerous person” written by, University of California – Los Angeles, (Science Daily, October 7, 2015), the author explains his results to his experiment on seeing what names do to a view of a stranger. The author wanted to find how someone perceives another person’s height, size, and masculinity and as well as social class. The author took over 1500 participants do an experiment where they would read two scenarios, one with a ‘black’ name and another with a ‘white’ name.

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                In the article entitled "White Privilege Needs to Own up to its Existence" published by Lauren Messervey through Huffington Post on September 22, 2015 discusses the absence of caucasians and their understanding of the privileges they were given at birth. Messervey gives a brief explanation about the concept of privilege and what it means to be on the advantaged side. She then brings up a controversial moment that occurred after the 2015 Prime Time Emmys ceremony where an African American actress named Viola Davis won best actress in a drama series.

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The article entitled ‘The Science of Race, Revisited’ written by David Freeman and published in the 6 July 2015, analyzes the concept of Race analyzed with the scientific approach. In order to do so, he interviewed Dr. Marcus Feldman, who studied biology at Stanford University.  Thanks to his answers, people may be informed that the term ‘race’, due to its inconsistency, is now replaced by ‘continental ancestry’ for most biologists. This term exists due to the classification of human that began with Aristotle combined with Blumenbach’s classification of the five human races in 1755.

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    In the early appearance of mankind, humans lived from farming and hunting in order to survive. The morality of that lifestyle had not been questioned at that time because the survival of the human kind depended on it. As humankind evolved, its ways and technologies changed too and with that, knowledge evolved. As a result many found ways to find all the needed nutriments for their bodies without hunting and harming animals. Some even found ways so that they would not consume animals or their products. They’re known as vegans.

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In the article entitled, “Depictions of race on TV news can influence perception of police” written by, North Carolina State University, (Science Daily, March 16, 2015), the author goes over the study done on how TV news influences the perception of police. Recent research says that blacks are represented too much as criminals and are represented under the law enforcement in newscasts. The researchers at the university wanted to confirm this study by having their own experiment done. Their experiment was done by the researchers creating 4 groups with different scenarios.

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In today’s society, there are more and more debates about hoe the education system is being used presently. Some people feel that the 300 year old education system is out dated and it should be re-evaluated.

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In today’s society, there are more and more debates about the education system being used today. Many people feel that it is out dated and there should a re-evaluation on the education system.

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