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Summary: The article “Same-Sex Marriage: An Overview”, is a neutral paper written by an American journalist named Alex K. Rich on America’s laws and policies on gay marriage. The article is divided into three sections: a brief introduction to provide context, followed by the history of the debate and finally, today’s outcome. Introduction:

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Counterpoint: YouTube Lowers the Quality of Entertainment. By: Rich, Alex K., Wagner, Geraldine, Points of View: YouTube, 2013

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                       In this article by Alex K. Rich,  Abortion: An Overview, Rich describes the everlasting  ethical issue of abortion. In the 13th century, it was very looked down upon, and if you were to abort a baby more than five to six weeks after being pregnant, it was concidered a homocide. In the 1900s, abortion laws started to become more lenient due to the health perspective of women, but in 2004, a survey was done on pregnant women to know why they desire an abortion. 92 percent of women said it was due to inconvenience, not ready to be a mother, social issues, etc.

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