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The article "Parent's Fury After 'Discriminating' School Trip" by Gema Bate which was published in the Worcestershire News October 1st, 2014 discusses a school trip that left out English speaking students. On September 30th of this year, St-Mary's Primary School, in Kidderminster, England took children who did not speak English as their first language to a petting farm, while the other students stayed at school for their usual lessons.

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For the longest time, we have wondered why there is more and more violence occurring in the world. We live in modern times with technology and media, connecting us to each other, which should reduce ignorant acts of violence by bringing us all together and understanding the source of problems, instead of lashing out against anything and everything. In the recent years, with understanding different points of view and studying the roots of things, some have found that violence is an issue directly pointed towards men. In the documentary "Tough Guise 2", directed by Jackson T.

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Nowadays, when we think of the word "injustices", we mostly tend to think about racial minorities, women and non-heterosexuals. However, the very last thing that comes to mind is the ones aimed directly towards men. Why wouldn't it be, they are the privileged sex after all, are they not? Unfortunately the vast majority of us think men don't have to deal with any discriminatory issues because they have all the power and respect in our society . But let's not be blind before this unthought about and overlooked issue.

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I agree with what Décoste says in her article Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Canada's Approach to Racism. The media tends to stereotype minorities and in doing so gives the general public the idea that white people are less likely to commit crimes than people of colour, for example; if there was no bias towards which stories were told in the news then this sort of issue wouldn't happen. How come when a murder is committed and the suspect is black, it's one of the first things the anchors mention...but when he or she is white, it goes unsaid?

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In today's modern world we tend to think that everything's alright, that we've finally made it as a society and we can now enjoy life as we should have been doing since the beginning. African Americans obtained their fully deserved rights, women can vote and gay people can now get married and adopt children (in Canada and certain States that is). However, that is not really the case.

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