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The article talks about the recent ‘’state of emergency’’ raised in the city of Baltimore, in the United States of America. There were important protests and violence in a town shocked by the recent events. Many acts of vandalism were committed throughout the last days. A curfew has been created by the authorities in order to control the situation and limit the recent violence and protests. Protesters threw bricks and burned down some buildings. The situation is still not under control and protests are expected fir the following days.

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Warning: may contain content certain readers may find objectionable All of the recorded human knowledge is accessible with something that fits inside your palms right now. The evolution of technology has always been in the direction of being more mobile and more intimate or personal. So the next level of intimacy from the smartphones is bound to be something that is even more mobile and more immersive, more in your face, literally. Welcome to the age of augmented and virtual reality.

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Original Titile:Raise the smoking age? Report predicts big health benefits if we do Written by: Joseph Netto Appeared in CNN news Published on friday March 13th 2015  

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CCS, or Carbon Capture and Storage is a relatively new technology that captures and stores carbon dioxide into geologic formations or the ocean. The carbon dioxide is heated to 35 degrees Celsius, and pressurized to 9.8 megapascals. At that temperature and pressure, the molecules form what’s called a supercritical liquid, and no, that doesn’t mean a judge-y liquid. The molecules don’t act like a gas, but they don’t act like a liquid either, but have properties of both.

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