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I am an avid creator, interested in writing, collages, drawings, typography, hand lettering, calligraphy, motion graphics and much more.

January 20, 2017 - Somewhat concerned for the minorities in the United States as well as the trouble that may arise but remaining hopeful that it won't be as bad as many believe it may be.


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I volunteered, with my mother for support, at the Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal race, on April 22nd 2017, by handing out race packages and t-shirts to those participating in the race. I specifically put t-shirts in a bag with four safety pins while those in front of me handed the bags, or race packages, to the runners with their bibs. Runners have the chance to participate in the charity challenge after registering for the race and fundraiser for their chosen charity.

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The Star article titled “Mental health advocate Amy Bleuel, founder of Project Semicolon, dies” is about, as the title suggests, Amy Bleuel who passed away and the change she has made in the world. The article, written by Alina Bykova and Colby Itkowitz, describes what Project Semicolon was about, features things said by those close to Amy Bleuel and the importance of the project. The article was published very recently, on April 1st 2017.

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Social Anxiety Disorder is a mental illness that affects millions of people around the world and despite how common it is, it is rarely spoken of. However, there is research although it isn’t often mentioned in media and out in the open.

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Health reporter, Olivia Lerche, from Express newspaper, wrote an article that describes a woman suffering from social anxiety disorder who wrote a book to help others understand the symptoms of the disorder. The title of the article “Social anxiety disorder: Woman describes mental health battle after nervous breakdown” clearly describes what the article is about.

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Social Anxiety Disorder, or Social Phobia, is a mental illness that affects many people around the world and interferes with their everyday lives. It can quickly become dangerous as they may also suffer from Depression and substance abuse. More information on this disorder can be found in this article. As for how to help, there are many organizations where anyone can help.

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Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D.) is characterized by the fear of social situations where the person suffering may be judged, either from speaking in front of others or generalized anxiety regarding eating or going to the bathroom in public. These two types of fear are almost equally represented in those with S.A.D. according to Statistics Canada. Although there have been many studies and research on the disorder it is seldom mentioned like it should be.

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     “The Star” article titled “She was afraid to leave the house -- how one woman overcame social phobia” was written on the 6th of February 2017 by Jonathan Forani, a staff reporter. The article is found in the “Life - Health and Wellness” section of the news website. The writer describes Earla Dunbar and her struggle with social phobia and depression as well as the documentary created about her life titled “In the Spotlight” by Katie Cooper. Social phobia is also known as social anxiety disorder and is characterized by a fear of social situations.

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Stop stealing my ideas

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           Global News article titled “How has media coverage of mental health issues evolved in recent years?” was written by Christina Stevens, one of their senior reporters and published in their Blogs section on January 16th 2017. The article summarizes and directs readers to listen to the “MindVine Podcast” Stevens participated in with the Ontario Shores staff. The summary notes that suicide was rarely mentioned in news in the past but is being mentioned more in recent years.

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The video that was posted on Ted Ed talks “how to separate fact from fiction online” by Markham Nolan, who is a managing editor of “” and a journalist for Ted Ed, he discusses how we rely on the audience for the facts that we receive and trust. An example he used was when on the 5th of September there was a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica. It takes 60 seconds for it to travel to Managua which is 250 kilometers away. Thirty seconds after it hit Managua, there was a post on twitter and it was someone saying “tremblor” which means earthquake.

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In the article “Here are 50 of the biggest fake news hits on Facebook from 2016” written by Craig Silverman and posted on Dec 30, 2016. The issue talks about several fake news that have somehow become very popular on Facebook and believable by the public’s eye. The article states several deceitful headlines such as, “Women stabbed husband to death because he wouldn’t eat her ass” or Cinnamon roll can explodes inside man’s butt during shoplifting incident”. The article then explains the phoniness behind the headlines and clearly states the whereabouts of it.

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     The news article titled “Montreal restaurant offers food to those in need, gets love in return” written by Christopher Curtis and published on December 23rd 2016 from the Montreal Gazette highlights two people who are helping those in their community in what has now become quite the story. Hashemi, who works at a currency exchange store, and Ala Amiry, a restaurant owner in Montreal, now give out free food to those in need; the homeless as well as students with no income.

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I am an avid creator, interested in writing, collages, drawings, typography, hand lettering, calligraphy, motion graphics and much more.

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