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  Going to university might be an easy transition for most students, but for some it can be quite hard, as the transition may provoke mental health issues within the students. Those who do not look for help to their mental health problems tend to resort to alcohol and drug abuse to feel more normal. The stigma alone scares them, as they are afraid of the label they will be given by their peers and friends. 

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In the last few years, mental health has been issue that is becoming more and more as a forefront issue in today’s society. The Canadian Mental Health institution reported that 12 percent of Canadians suffer of mental health issues. They also reported that these health issues cost the economy over fifty billion dollars each year. App developers have now created an application that gives you tools and a plan in order to fight your mental health issue.

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Social media is extremely hazardous. Even though many people who use it aren’t even aware of the affect it is having on them, and society in general, it is becoming more and more detrimental to the self-esteem of its users. In this post I will be talking specifically about Instagram, which is a social media app where users post pictures and their followers are able to like and comment on these pictures. Being a user of the site for the past few years I’ve noticed how much the posts on the app affect the self-esteem of users.

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