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Recycle & Reuse   What is our goal?   Our goal for this project is to make use and profit out of plastics that would have cost us money otherwise.   Why are we pursuing this goal?   We are pursuing this goal because it is much eco-friendlier to make use of what was already processed than to send it who knows where. Also, so much recycling is wasted when food or other such products are thrown into the recycling bin. This is leads to being able to reuse so much less materials.

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Nowadays, we live in a world where we depend mostly on cars to answer our need to move. As vehicles became more available, our roads became full of inefficient cars. A typical car usually has 5 seats, but it is unfortunate that most of the time there is only one passenger in each car. Consequently, our highways are more packed than ever which has multiple impacts on the environment and the people. This issue brings a fundamental question: How can we be more efficient in the way we move? One major solution is to do carpooling.  

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