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For more than a year now, the ISIS military group has shocked the world with inhumane public assassination and torture. Their terrorist acts are getting more and more attention and are much frequent nowadays. No countries had overtly declared that they were going at war against that group. Two weeks ago, a video release by ISIS members was released, and changed everything.

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Animal testing in pharmaceutical industries has been an ethical issue for some time now. The debate is mainly based on the fact that should we test medical effects on animals or not. In pharmaceutical science, scientists test drugs on animals like mice, rabbits, cats, or dogs to study their side-effects and efficacy. The experiments are actually extremely important because the drugs will be later used by patients in desperate need. In laboratories, the methods of testing are very limited, animal testing is more accurate since human and animals have a lot in common.

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On Monday January 19th 2015, the young 11 years old First Nations’ Makayla Sault died of cancer in her house. As written by Gloria Galloway in the Globe and Mail on January 19th 2015, this little girl had cancer but she was taken away from chemotherapy by her parents last year. The motives of her parents for that decision were that they are aboriginal people and they thought it was better for her healing to receive traditional treatments instead.

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