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As I was growing up till now I never knew there was a such thing called the “man box” I tough the rules of the MA box was a regular thing that a man should do. Then when this was presented to me, I saw that this is something that was tough for us from a young age. Like if something happened an that you cry he's going to tell you stuff like “man up” or “man don't cry” and much other stuff.

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When a child is born, depending on their sex, their father treats them differently. If it`s a girl, he will swear to protect her even when she`s all grown up and experience life on her own. Whereas boys don’t get the same special treatment, they are thrown into the world with barely any guidelines or help and have to fit their father`s ideals. They only get intervened when they bring shame to a man`s image, so for example if they show weakness such as emotions or pain, or if they play with dolls.

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In the news article “Torrence Collier, 11, says he faces racism, extreme bullying in Westport” from the CBC News from June 11, 2014, explains the effects racism in schools can have on children. Torrence Collier, and 11 year old boy has experienced racism and bullying in school by his peers due to him being the only “black child” in the small town of Westport. He endures daily endless slurs, threats, and sometimes physical assaults. Torrence goes to school feeling scared, wondering why everyone hates him, and he feels horrible about himself.

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In the article “Racism is Canada’s Problem Too – Let’s Talk About it” by Craig and Marc Kielburger they talk about racism still being around in Canada and almost any “race” is subjectable to it. They start off by talking about Canada’s minister for Multiculturalism and how he was a subject of racism in an Edmonton tennis club for being a Canadian Sikh.  He overheard a woman whispering about how she can’t believe the tennis club was allowing Sikhs to become members and continued on by saying she doesn’t believe that the minister had a job.

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In the article “Achieving Diversity in Police Ranks No Easy Task” by Allen G. Breed and Sharon Cohen in the ABC News from September 14th, 2014 explain the lack of diversity in police’s all around. One police named Bill Carson from St-Louis suburb of Maryland Heights noticed a diversity problem. In a department of 79 officers, there are just one black and one Hispanic officer. In most areas, there are rarely more than two black and one Hispanic officer’s. Most officers worldwide consist of mostly Caucasian men. If someone is not a white male, they are considered a lower rank.

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