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Many would consider the Die Hard movie series to be “one of the best action films ever made”, as did Tim in his review on four out of the five Die Hard movies starring Bruce Willis, describing what he liked and did not like in each one of them. His ratings for this series are relatively high: 100% for the first, 62% for the second, 94% for the third, and 86% for the fourth, which in Tim’s rating system would mean that the series is a pretty good one.

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We all would like to believe that racism has been dealt with and that the civil rights movement paid off and solved the issue. However, looking at the news recently provides a glimpse into reality and shows us that in truth, that it could not be further from the truth. Instead, we see a world where white supremacists work in the shadows and where we teach our police officers that black people are more likely to commit violent crime. Because of this, police brutality against people of color is one of the leading issues facing our society today.

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a.     Topic and Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is gender inequality in the modern Canadian workforce. This paper will be mainly comparative, as it will aim to determine the differences that each gender has to face when it comes both to obtaining a job, as well as earning promotions and elevated salaries. This paper will also attempt to determine solutions to eliminate potential gender disparities in the average workplace.

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