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As most of you know, the morning after pill also called “Plan B” is a pill females take to prevent pregnancy due to unprotected sex, or failure of other birth control pills. Many people just assume that its fine to take this pill, everything will be alright. But that’s not the case. The morning after pill has many disadvantages that some people may not know of.

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            Bullying is a growing problem throughout the entire nation. It takes on many forms and occurs in several different contexts. The effects that bullying has on its victims can be tremendous and not only include physical harm, but can damage the emotional well-being of the individual. The research that is described by Ockerman et al. (2013) in their article, “From the School Yard to Cyber Space,” shows that bullying is very prevalent within adolescence and is a situation that needs to be controlled.

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Internet or gaming addictions are becoming more and more frequent these days. The growing presence of technology in our life has a huge effect on how much time we can spend online; smart phones, portable computers, tablets they facilitate our access and can lead to a serious addiction.

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Do kids enjoy playing a sport and more successful when their parents are controlling and get too involved or when parents are supportive and provide positive feedback?

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In today’s society, we’ve grown accustomed to embrace differences, from cultural to geographical differences we learn and embrace new things every day. However, when we think of athletes the general image is of someone who is fierce, determined, and willing to do anything to win. Why would that thought or image changes once an athlete openly says that he/she is gay?  

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The article “The Financial Aid Game” by Laura Fitzpatrick describes the challenges that are being faced with Financial aid. There are people out there that don’t quite know what Financial Aid is. Financial Aid is students that receive money from the United States to help them pay for college. This could be from academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, scholarships for minorities, and others. This article talks about how people are going into debt from this, challenges faced. Laura observed the financial aid meetings at the Skidmore College as they determined their offers. One person Laura followed was Bob Sworb, he was the director of student aid at the college. One of the families at the Skidmore college experienced a 50% income drop. While there was another family that was going to sell their house just to help pay tuition. When incoming freshman apply to the Skidmore college the people in the Financial Aid office go through transcripts, essays and recommendations, sending the occasional art portfolio for faculty review and using spreadsheets to keep track of the students. The admission offices looks at high scores and people that have extreme extracurricular activities. Skidmore has boosted its financial-aid budget 8% this year by trimming travel, faculty raises, renovation plans and commencement festivities. While the cost of attending the college rose $2,000 this year, the average aid award increased $2,300. People of minority have a greater chance of receiving more financial aid. Skidmore is worried if they don’t do something about this, they might lose incoming students, and overall money.

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